Our 25 Favorite Eid-ul-Adha Looks

Two Eids, one summer. And now it seems that both have come to an end.

This week, in lieu of our top ten best dressed list, we rounded up our favorite Eid-ul-Adha looks. Red seemed to reign supreme, as well as flowy floral maxi dresses. We love coordinated family shots, as done perfectly (and in pastel!) by @vivyyusof and @haniszalikha . The cutest shot by far was @basma_k’s mommy and me look. Scroll down below for some more of our favorite ‘grams and find outfit inspiration for next Eid or even next week.



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a dupatta moment with @zarashahjahanofficial

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And yes I do smile 😜 // 🍊

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Eid fit 🐑

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🌶🌶 #blackouteid.

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