Our Favorite Pieces From the Nourka x Nabilah Kariem Collection

Back in mid-July, Canadian influencer-turned-entrepreneur Nour Kaiss announced her sort of eponymous label, Nourka, was working with South African designer/influencer Nabilah Kariem to produce a collection.

It was both Nour and Nabilah’s first clothing collection—Nourka has previously produced only hijabs. They promised “trendy pieces with modest finishings”

Kariem didn’t want to design a cohesive collection. Rather, she wanted a capsule collection full of stand-out individual pieces that would fit in the modest woman’s wardrobe. The pieces can best be described as basics with a twist. Relaxed co-ords, maxi skirts and an abaya-like coverup come in stripes and florals. There are statement sleeves that miss out on the bold patterns, perfect for pairing with statement pieces. Sometimes the items were too bold, we’re not the biggest fan of the PVC-esque jumpsuits. The items cost more then your average H&M or Zara purchase, but are all under $80.

Nour and Nabilah worked on the collection for 6 months. It was Nabilah’s first collection. In an Instagram post, she told her followers how she hoped to one day make a local collection for her hometown of Cape Town, South Africa.

What we love most of all (other then those pleated floral maxi skirts!) is the spirit of the collection, how it touts collaboration over competition in a truly niche industry.

Shop our picks below!

Green Pleated Skirt $50
nourka nabilah kariem
Stripe Suit $75
nour kaiss nabilah kariem
Stripe Cover Up $45
nourka nabilah kariem 2
Ruffle Neck Shirt $45
nabilah kariem
Olive Drop Shoulder $40



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