Fall Trends Hijabified: Animal Print

We’ll be honest—we at Hijabified are not really wild for the animal prints trend, never have, maybe never will be. So after that first sentence we’re approaching this trend, that seems to always be around,  with objectivity rather then our usual excitement. Because love them or hate them, leopard and snake print are everywhere this season.

Scroll down for our top picks.

1) SHEIN Mock Neck Leopard Shirt, $18

leaopord print hijab

2) ASOS Leopard Coat, $119

leopard coat hijab

3) ASOS Leopard Frill Sleeve Top, $56

leopard frill sleeve hijab

4) ASOS Leopard Print Wrap Top, $54

leopard wrap top hijab

5) SHEIN Snake Print Dress, $16

snake print dress

6) &OTHERSTORIES Leopard Faux Fur Slippers, $63

andotherstories leopard shoe.jpg

7) &OTHERSTORIES Leopard Corduroy Trousers, $99

LEAPORD pants print

8) ZARA Snakeskin Scarf, $14.90

sankeprint hijab

9) ZARA Snakeskin High Waist Pants, $49.90

snake print high waist hijab

10) ZARA Snake Print Strappy Shoes, $45.90

hijab strappy snake shoe.jpg

Hmm…it’s kind of growing on us.



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