Fall Trends Hijabified: Fleece

Tbh last year we saw those I.AM.GIA jackets take over our feeds and we were  like…yeah…no.  We even had an Instagram post giving options that let you keep your fleece inside your jacket, where (we used to think) it belongs. But this year, fuzzy plushy fleece is kind of growing on us, especially in whites and creams. Here are 8 items to replace your basic North Face with.

1) Zara Fleece Bomber, $69.90

fleece hijab style 4

2) ASOS Fleece Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $46

fleece biker hijab.jpg

3) Forever 21 Plush Half-Zip Pullover, $27.90


4) Zara Fleece Jacket $99.90

fleece hijab

5) ASOS Fila Half Zip Sweatshirt, $79

fkeece hijab.jpg


6) Forever 21 Hooded Popcorn Knit Pullover, $45.00


7) Topshop Zip Heart Funnel Sweater, $50


8) ASOS Fleece Teddy Jacket $88.50

fleece teddy.jpg


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