I’m Back (Part 103933939)

Wow SubhanAllah. I’ve left this blog for a while and haven’t really worked on it and came back to see a lot more views then I expected!

It really made my morning and then really made me want to write more. We know how that has went before but let’s see.

Since I’ve been gone, I started my own hijabi and modest fashion store, lakiamarket.com. It’s an online boutique that offers a unique meld of Eastern and Western brands, which is really a way to say a bunch of Muslim-owned and non-Muslim owned brands until I find a term that’s less clunky. It’s been so exciting, it feels like the way it felt when I first started this blog—like I’m actually working on something I’ve always wanted to do. Like I stopped just mulling it over my head and actually made it a reality. It’s like I don’t even care if it fails at this point, I’m just glad I did it, that I will have one less thing to regret not doing.

I want Lakia Market to be a modest fashion destination, where everything is long-sleeved, not see through and reaches your ankles. I hated going on a site like ASOS, finally finding a great dress (after going through a bunch of strapless and mid-thigh options) and then seeing that it was STILL not hijabi-friendly, that it was a bit too short or sheer or had an insane cutout in the back. Lakia Market wants to be the solution to that, to be the easiest way to find modest clothing.

Our super cute logo ❤

It’s a boutique feel, think Francesca’s or something you’d find in the parts of towns you and your friends go to for brunch. But then it has Bloomingdale’s and Net-a-Porter dreams. Or even Pink Lily Boutique. Did you know they’re self-funded and never took a dime of investor money? That is the dream.

There are some times where I ask myself why I even started it, like who cares or needs a Lakia Market anyway? But then there are times when I get a returning customer or new email subscribers or new Instagram followers and I think ok maybe this is something people would like.

But either way, Alhumdullilah for the chance to do it.

Please suggest things you’d like to read about in the comments below! And thank you for reading!

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