Fall Trends Hijabified: Fleece

Tbh last year we saw those I.AM.GIA jackets take over our feeds and we were  like…yeah…no.  We even had an Instagram post giving options that let you keep your fleece inside your jacket, where (we used to think) it belongs. But this year, fuzzy plushy fleece is kind of growing on us, especially in whites and creams. Here are 8 items to replace your basic North Face with.

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The deYoung Museum Explores the Wonderful World of Muslim Fashion

Glittering caftans, towering turbans, hijabi influencers, Middle Eastern fashion magazine covers and Tehran street style pics–it all sounds like something off a modest fashion Pinterest board.

And you wouldn’t be wrong. Such a vast amalgamation of Muslim fashion has never existed in the non-digital world.

Until this past Friday, when influencers, designers and even a princess jetted off to San Francisco for the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibition. A product of two years’ work, the exhibition opened in the de Young Museum in California to a whole lot of fanfare and a whole lot of press.

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Ulla Johnson Was Chock Full of Batik Modest Inspiration + NYFW Highlights

We know. We are seriously behind–fashion week is already on its third circuit over in Milan. But there was only so much time in between classes and assignments to take in and digest all the NYFW shows, street styles and many, many food spreads.

First, a 30 second (?) recap:

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