How French Girls Wear the Hijab

You’ve seen this before. The hundreds, probably thousands, of “French girl style” articles where words like sophisticated, timeless, pared-down and undeniably chic jump out of the screen. And the writers are not wrong. As The Outline pointed out, among other things, French girl fashion is the one trend that never goes away.

These articles also share another thing in common—reading them, you come to the conclusion that the perfect French woman is a white woman. Style listicles often leave out women of color, although there are many.

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Roundup of Hair Clip Inspo—Hijabified’s

So this past month, Hijabified posted this slideshow of different pictures we found where bloggers were wearing hair clips over their hijab.

You guys loved them! Or really really liked them, enough for us to post another picture we found (by scrolling through the 2 million posts hashtagged “hairclip”) and to do a roundup. I can’t say I would personally wear one on my hijab at first but I also can’t say it isn’t growing on me.

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Spring Color Trend: Pistachio & Sage

I literally could not think of anything witty to say about this shade of green (other then “sage is all the rage.” But that’s mad cringy.) This color is everywhere, creeping up on my Insta feed, Pinterest, and street style slideshows. Maybe it’s algorithms, but I know I like it a lot more then that slime neon green that is also everywhere. I’m just a pastels kind of girl. I also like colors named after herbs and food.

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Eid Roundup: Maxi Dress Edition

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